Introducing the world’s first LINtegrated marketing agency

Agency rebranded after Jeremy Lin truly LINtegrates his game with clutch 3 pointer at the buzzer

LEXINGTON, Ky. – Cornett Integrated Marketing Solutions announces a complete rebranding of the 27 year old agency located in the epicenter of college basketball, Lexington Kentucky. The long-time agency of record for University of Kentucky Athletics assumes the title of Cornett LINtegrated Marketing Solutions, inspired by Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks. “Like Mr. Lin, we are an under-the-radar entity. Although Cornett represents national brands such as Valvoline’s Eagle One, Buffalo Trace Bourbon among others, the world hasn’t experienced the agency’s game-changing work just yet. The world has yet to experience our supreme LINtegrated marketing approach. Although they’re showing no LINperfections, we’re going to keep our new branding until Lin’s New York Knicks lose.” said Kip Cornett, President of Cornett LINtegrated Marketing Solutions.

Lin’s stats are LINsane. There’s not a CMO in the country that wouldn’t give up their first-born son for some of Lin’s LINtegrated marketing mojo. There’s not an agency in the world that wouldn’t trade in their entire digital department for Lin’s Google search results. Since the rise of LINsanity, the sales and web traffic for the Knicks online store has increased more than 3000%. According to Google, “Searches for [ Jeremy Lin NBA ] have increased 1,850% in the past 30 days, and the top rising searches related to [ NBA ] are about Jeremy Lin”. He’s been trending like Bieber fever on Twitter. Memes of Lin are running rampant on the Internet – LINsanity, The LIN King, The ShaoLIN Warrior, Super LIN Tendo, LINdsay Lohan, vioLIN, All I do is LIN, To LIN-finity and beyond, and Everyday I’m ShumpaLIN. LINfographs are beginning to replace infographs. Photos of Lin shirtless are beginning to surface on Buzzfeed. Before we know it we’ll be logging on to the LINternet. We want all of this.

Through this re-branding we’re confident Cornett LINtegrated Marketing Solutions will travel deep into the 18th dimension of LINsanity.

“It wasn’t until his clutch game winning 3, in the final seconds versus the Raptors that we realized… Jeremy Lin has a truly LINtegrated game… just like our team”. – Kip Cornett