The Tale of Two Brains

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So we were sincerely flattered at Cornett-IMS when we saw the newest Mercedes-Benz campaign to come out of Tel Aviv.

The artwork – which, in fact, is quite lovely – shows a large brain. The left half is gray, overlaid with calculations and data, typical of left-side brain thinking. But the right side explodes with color, sound, action and vibrancy in a vivid display of creativity.

Looks familiar. Up until very recently, the Cornett-IMS website revolved around a strikingly similar left side/right side brain – the left representing the very tactical side of our business, and the right side displaying the creativity. While we updated our website in the fall of 2010 to its new look, the brain artwork represented our brand for two years.

Very flattered, indeed.  At least they waited until we revamped our site. Great minds think alike.

Cornett Brain

Mercedes Benz Left Brain / Right Brain

Mercedes Benz Ads –

Cornett / Mercedes Benz - Side By Side Comparison